Gabion with Gourmet soupAs the new Kit on the Block here at Tom Cat Towers, I need the very best food to keep me in tip-top health and full of energy for all the adventures, and my life to come.

From the very first moment I was parachuted into Tom Cat Towers and given a new name by the new human I call mom, I have been able to dine on demand which is FAB FOR FELINES!!

I'm called Gabion Tzchugge, I'm a Snow Pawed Birchilla Birman and I am VERY loved. I know this and use it to get away with blue murder!!

I am also a fledgling connoisseur.  As a newbie to the big wide world (I am only 10 months old) there is a plethora of Gourmet gastronomy out there waiting to be discovered by me.  My mom chose Gourmet from the very first day that I arrived. Only the finest ingredients are used which means as a novice in the world of fine dining I am getting the very best inside me and I have a complete range of Gourmet Fine Food to enjoy. My mom loves me very much!

After a day galloping across the carpet, fearlessly chasing down paper balls and launching catnip mice into space, a young chap does get a bit peckish! With excellent cuisine and a hungry tummy in mind I make my way into the kitchen and make my mom aware that I need feeding ... in fact I am starving after such an action packed few hours, racing round Tom Cat Towers.

 I have a fine selection of Gourmet Goodies to choose from and my mom will select a sachet from my cat food basket then serve it up for me. I never knew that wonderful dining could be such an exciting part of the day!

I look forward to every meal, because the Gourmet menus are just irresistible and as a youngster I’m always hungry, on the lookout for a meal or snack to keep my energy levels topped up for the day exploring my new world.

Each meal is a different banquet for me as there are sooooo many varieties for me to feast on.

Dining is never dull with Gourmet!

Each meal time is a different experience and I adore the variety a young whippersnapper like me has available for him from the kitchens at Gourmet.

I am becoming rather a connoisseur as I work my way through each of the dining experiences on the Gourmet range. My absolute fave is ….All of them!!!

I thought that I had eaten my way through the entire range of Gourmet Goodies when my mom presented some new choice delights from the range.


Gourmet Soup. I never knew such a yummy thing existed. What an experience, I slurped the soup down in one. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Then she served up Gourmet Savoury Cake for my next meal. The taste and texture was AWESOME!!!!!

The following day mom surpassed herself, Gourmet Mon Petit had added salmon and chicken to my menu.  MOUTH WATERINGLY MAGNIFICENT!!!!!

As a trainee Gourmet Gourmand I anticipate each dining experience here at Tom Cat Towers. I hope that over the years more and more wonderful food is added to the range to feed me up and make me a big furry-purry boy brimming with health and happiness.

Each meal is a delectable venture into what fabulous food the Gourmet Chefs have created especially for me. After each meal I have a good wash and polish my whiskers before giving my mom some real love and purrs in gratitude for spoiling me with the very best. This is our after-dining experience and its just perfect moments for the two of us, as I have my tummy tickled before I have to race off and find more adventures to launch myself into!

I love my mom. My mom loves me, and we both love Gourmet, especially the new products as we know I am getting the very best start in life which will last me for all our life together!!

Much love and LOLS

Gabion Tzchugge
Tom Cat Towers




A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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