Hello People – Gibbs here.

I had to write to tell you about a terrible thing that happened to me recently. Casey was there too and it happened to him as well.

We had to go to the ‘Place of Smells’ – you know, the V – E – T.  He shall not be named.

catbasket for GibbsMum has had her cat basket for absolutely years so she had to get another one so that I could go at the same time as she took Casey.  She thought it would be better if we went together rather than at separate times.  Anyhoo, she looked for a carrying basket like the one she already has.  It’s a top loader which makes it a lot easier to get a cat into – and out of – and as the wire mesh is wide enough, a fingertip can be poked in to reassure the incarcerated kitty.  In some case, if the kitty is pretty small, a paw will fit through the mesh and lash out on the owner’s unsuspecting leg.  But I wouldn’t do that!

Mum got the basket from EBay, apparently, from a company called Hygienic Manufacturing.  They’re based in Herefordshire which is a long way from Kent, I can tell you.  The basket is almost the same as Mum’s ancient one but this one came with an added bonus: a plastic wipe-clean liner with a pretty picture on it.  It came in useful because I’m not a good traveller and I screamed the place down all the way to the ‘Place of Smells’ – although I wouldn’t call it ‘screaming’, exactly.  I’d say I was singing Nessum Dorma in a higher octave than it’s usually sung.

I was nervous about where we were going, despite Mum putting in a tee shirt she’d worn for several days so it had her smell in with me.  It was an accident, truly it was - I peed on the nice bedding that was in the basket.  This is where the nice plastic coating liner came in handy because my pee didn’t go through onto the car seat.

Mum was very impressed with that and she contacted the people at Hygienic Manufacturing to see if she could order one for Casey.  Not only does he pee in his basket – he does a poo as well.  He’s a very nervous traveller as well and hates going to the ‘Place of Smells’.  He said that his poo is a present to the V - E -T and it serves him right for poking him with hurty pointy things.  He has a point, I’ll grant you.

So Mum was hugely surprised today when a flat package came for her contained TWO plastic liners, one for Casey and one is a spare.  Isn’t that nice of the people? There are some kind people in the world, you know and Mum rang the lady up – her name is Julie – to say ‘thank you’ for her kindness.

All this niceness and kindness doesn’t detract, however, from the fact, that at some point in the next few weeks, I’m going to have to go back to ‘that place’ to see ‘that man’ to have another injection.   I might take a leaf out of Casey’s book and dish him up a nice big poo for his troubles.  See who’s laughing then! Hah!

If you want to look at Julie’s products, go to www.hygienicmanufacturing.co.uk – they make wire coated products - you might find something you like, and do tell her that Gibbs said ‘thanks!’




In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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