Gibbs: ‘Casey, what did you think of the noms the nice people at the Vet’s Kitchen sent us?’

Casey:   ‘Well, Gibbs, it sure was different to what we usually eats.’

Gibbs:   ‘Why are you speaking like a cowboy, Casey?’

Casey:   ‘Cos, these noms are making me feel like a cowboy, Gibbs, they’re that tasty.’  

Gibbs:   <strutting about the kitchen> ‘Not sure I’m feeling like a cowboy, yet, Casey.  But the noms are surely good for us.’

Casey:   ‘Gibbs, you nearly spoke in Cowboy just then.  Have some more noms – see what happens.’

Gibbs:    ‘Don’t mind if I do, pardner. Oh, my gosh, Casey.  I’m a cowboy!  Yeeha!’

Casey:   ‘We can’t guarantee you’ll feel like a cowboy after eating these noms, but they’ll make you feel good inside.  Full of natural ingredients, no additives, preservatives or nasty chemicals, just pure goodness made with love.’

Gibbs:   ‘We like the salmon-flavoured complete food, didn’t we Casey?’

Casey:   ‘Yes, Gibbs, we did.  And we liked the Little Hearts finest salmon and trout treats, too.’

Gibbs:    ‘That’s cos we’re ‘fishianados.’’

Casey:   ‘Hah! That’s very clever, Gibbs.  I saw what you did there.  We also had chicken-flavoured complete food too, but we’re not big on meat, which is why Gibbs said we are ‘fishianados’.   We’ve never liked meaty flavours that much, preferring fishy ones instead.’

Gibbs:    ‘I’m going to give the noms five paws.’     

Casey:   ‘Me, too, Gibbs. Five paws.  Pawsome noms.’     

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Vet's Kitchen Salmon complete cat food Vet's Kitchen Little hearts finest salmon and trout treats  Vet's Kitchen chicken complete cat food

Welcome to the cat food revolution!


Why are cats taking a stand?

Traditional dry cat food is, on average, only 30% protein and full of carbohydrates.  It also uses meat meal, of which only ¾ of the protein is digestible.

Cats are obligate carnivores

Cats are biologically different to many other meat-eating animals.  They are obligate carnivores and depend solely on animal tissue to survive; it’s a ‘biological necessity’.

Cats don’t need carbs!

digestive tract of cats Due to their meat-rich diets, cats have evolved with a relatively shorter digestive tract unsuitable for fermenting plant bacteria.   A carbohydrate rich diet can lead to:

Low energy

Excessive weight gain and associated diabetes/arthritis

Urinary tract issues

Poor coat quality

Poor digestion

Cats need meat!

For a normal metabolic function, a cat’s biological system relies on essential amino acids and nutrients that are only found in meat.  Unlike herbivores and omnivores, cats are not able to synthesise these nutrients from similar molecules found in plants and vegetables.

A cat’s natural diet

Naturally, cats would live on a prey based diet.  On average, a prey item (per 100g of dry matter) is 62% animal derived protein, 11% fat and 13% ash (mainly mineral content from bone).  

Time for a fresh approach

Vet’s Kitchen has set out to revolutionise dry cat food in the UK.

Vet’s Kitchen’s Ultra Fresh Cat Food range is the first dry cat food in the UK to contain ultra-high levels of fresh meat* (60%); the fresh meat* has been slow-cooked using a new patented process which makes 96% of the protein digestible and locks in all the nutrients.

Don’t just take our word for it!

We recruited 40 willing volunteers from our own in-house practice, Vet’s Klinic, and the empty bowls speak for themselves.

Visit to see our tasters in action.

Your cat needs you!

Take a fresh look at what you’re feeding.  Your cat’s diet should be:

Low in cereals

High in fresh* meat content

High in protein from animal sources, not vegetables

Formulated without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Formulated without ingredients that cause known allergies such as wheat, beef, soya and dairy.

Change the way you feed your cat to improve their long-term health.

Tel: 01793 887555


*Freshly prepared

Vet’s Kitchen – caring from the inside out



A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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