Product Reviews

This subsection deals with product reviews related to cats and cat care.  If you have used products on your own cats and would like your review included, please use the 'Contact Us' form. Your feedback on these products will be invaluable.

The product review will work in the same way as book reviews and the information required will be whether or not it can be purchased from a website. If so, please include the site’s details. If you have any photos of your cats actually playing with the toy, or using the product (feline endorsement is the PURRFECT kind!) then you may submit it with your review.

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Title Published Date Author
Cat Hampurr Surprise 22 October 2014 Written by Casey (with Mum's help)
Farmer Ed's cat nip 17 August 2014 Written by Casey (with Mum's help)
Cat nip mice made by Felicity Olson 23 July 2014 Written by Casey (with Mum's help)
My review of Cat Hampurrs 21 June 2014 Written by Dumpty
Kong Refillable Catnip Carrot - yes my fellow felines, you DID read that correctly! 05 March 2013 Written by Mischa
Relax with cats CD 01 February 2013 Written by Pauline
Mikki Moult Master 18 July 2009 Written by Billy, Sam and Ollie

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