Yoshie was one of 4 cats living in my house and of course keeping me in line.  They were all different and interesting little critters.  I gave them nationality specific names and called them my International Cat Group.  Seamus with his ginger, tabby colouring was of course Irish with a fitting Irish name.  Giuseppe is my Italian Stallion and a kooky little creature.  My sweet and gentle little girl Chloe’s name is Greek.  She was actually the last to arrive and already named, but I liked it so I kept it. 

YoshieYoshie was the third to join my group. For Yoshie I searched online for Japanese names. I wanted the name to be short, easy to pronounce and pleasant sounding.  I found “Yoshie” which meant (according to the website) “quiet one” in Japanese and that was a perfect fit. Yoshie never meowed.  Once in a while he would utter a little squeak to get my attention otherwise he was almost a phantom cat frequently sleeping someplace hidden from site and very quiet, never disturbing me while I slept as the others assumed was their responsibility. 

Yoshie first arrived at my house late in the evening around 10:30 pm.  He seemed to come on the heels of another stray that I was feeding and had called Mr. Wannabe because he wanted to be my cat.  Mr. Wannabe did have a home, but spent all his days and many winter nights at my house. Because Yoshie was really still a kitten I brought him indoors as soon as he would let me touch him and hold him in my arms.  It took almost 2 months and some very cold nights to win him over. He was easily spooked, but never hurt me or my other feline housemates.  They got to know each other quickly and really played and chased each other.  He was never timid with the cats, but always with people, preferring to hide when anyone came to the house.

Eventually Mr. Wannabe also moved in and there were four.  I believe his family moved and left him behind either deliberately or because he was at my house, and they couldn’t wait for his return.  It was ok though because all my cats liked him and always greeted him at the door, and cuddled up with him and played with him.  He was a very well-behaved kitty and I liked him very much.  He disappeared on me when I went to FL to visit my daughter and her family.  I had ladies coming to feed my kitties while I was gone and they let Mr. Wannabe outside.  He never returned. 

About that time my sister who lives about 30 miles from me had brought a little stray female kitty that had taken up residence in her daughter’s front yard, being chased by some large dogs and fighting the elements and occasionally traffic.  She had been born to a stray and her mom and siblings were all killed or disappeared for some reason.  My sister wanted to keep her but one of her 7 cats (it runs in the family I guess) didn’t agree with that arrangement and attacked her a few times so Miss Chloe had to be locked up in an empty room for her safety although the lockup was a lovely room with a small table in front of the window for viewing, of course. 

When my sister told me this and with Mr. Wannabe missing I offered to take her and see how it went.  Of course it went very well and again there were 4 kitties.  Life was good and we had no problems.  All of them played and chased and knocked things off tables and used my rug for a scratching post.  I was relieved that there were no hostilities.  Right from the start my 2 white cats were drawn to each other and Seamus and Yoshie formed a team as well. Things went well except for my allergies, but we all make sacrifices for our animal friends. Don’t we???

Yoshie was still a quiet cat for the longest time, but in the spring of 2010 I started taking Seamus outside on a leash.  He had been an escape artist for a long time always racing out the door whenever an opportunity presented itself.  I thought maybe a daily trip outside on a leash would make him happy and maybe decrease the need to escape.  It also seemed to give Yoshie his voice because he meowed furiously when I took Seamus outside.  My friend mentioned this to me when I brought him back in, but as it got warmer and the windows were opened I could hear him myself.  So one day I brought him out on a leash with Seamus.  He seemed to enjoy it they stayed together, and I was able to read my book a little while they played or snoozed in the sunshine.  This went on all through spring and into the fall with no problems.  I think the fresh air and sunshine were good for all of us.

Then in late October I had just taken them outside.  I tied them to a post and ran in for my book and glass of ice tea.  (It’s a bit of logistics getting them both outside and my book and ice tea).  As I was coming down the back stairs (only 5) my neighbour revved up his motorcycle engine and the terrified cats sprinted in different directions, Yoshie managing to escape from his harness and fleeing the scene of the horrifying noise.  Seamus was only mildly concerned and waited for me to get him, but Yoshie was off and running.  He acted afraid of me and managed to avoid me several times. Then things quieted and he seemed to calm down, but as I went toward him my neighbour did it again and this time Yoshie was gone in a flash.  Seamus was still waiting for me. I brought him inside and went back out to get Yoshie.  He was hiding. I could see him but was not able reach him.  He looked terrified and just stared at me.  I went in and out several times offering treats and dragging toys and string to attract him, but no luck.  I went in for a little to see if he’d calm down.  When I went out again he was gone.  Over the next few days I saw him twice.  I ran out barefoot in the snow after him and he bolted and ran.  It was as though he didn’t know me. I saw him once more after that.  I walked the streets for him, checked with my neighbours, called shelters and animal control, prayed and left out food.  But I never saw him again.  I was in the process of having all of my cats’ microchipped one at a time but had not yet had Yoshie done.  I miss him very much. I don’t believe he’s alive because I know he’d come back if he could.  I can only hope that he didn’t suffer when the end came.

And now there are 3 kitties.  Seamus, Giuseppe and Chloe and for awhile I think they missed Yoshie, but they seem to be getting past this loss. It has been just six months since I last saw him and for me it is still painful to think about that day.  Thinking about the happier times is easier, but still makes me miss him. 

Linda Gavitt (US)


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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