A very Happy New Year to all Daily Mews readers.  You usually read stories from my cats themselves, but this time I will be relaying the story of one very special cat myself.

oswald (ozzie)His name was Oswald (Ozzie to his friends).  Sometimes, there comes a very, very special cat into one's life, and Ozzie was just that cat.  As I am sure readers are aware by now, I am besotted with all my cats and they are all special, but Ozzie just came in that little bit closer. 

On the 22nd July 1987 whilst out on my lunch break I wandered into my local pet shop.  I noticed two kittens for sale in the shop.  I was a little dismayed at this as I do not like seeing either cats or dogs for sale in pet shops.  One kitten was black, the other tabby.  Of course I had to have a closer look and was captivated by this beautiful mackerel tabby kitten.  I bought him and made arrangements to collect him on my way home.  My friend was giving me a lift and she groaned about me being a push over with cats and people seeing me coming.  My purchase was safely brought home.  The name Oswald sprang into mind and my daughter agreed with me that this was a good name for our new boy. 

He quickly became Ozzie and became a firm favourite with all who saw him.  He was bolder than most and loved to play.  He was extremely affectionate and just wanted to be with me as close as he possibly could all the time.  His favourite place was draped round my neck - a living fur stole.  He would lie with paws on one shoulder and head on the other.  When I answered the door to strangers (forgetting about my stole) they would give huge gasps of surprise when the wrap round my neck moved and stared at them.  Even when he was fully mature and quite a heavyweight he still kept on with this favoured mode of transport even refusing to budge when I was trying to hang out washing.  Now that was not an easy task, and if I managed to dislodge him he would just jump straight back up again from the ground. 

As he got older and not so nimble, it got quite painful as he could no longer jump from the ground and would jump halfway and claw the rest of the way up my back.  I could never tell him off as he was just desperate to be with me.  He always slept on my pillow at night, so close that sometimes it brought on a sneezing fit and his fur went up my nose.

At about 13 years of age Ozzie became diabetic and had to have insulin injections twice a day.  He was very brave for these.  My daughter would give his injections when she was around as she was the much better nurse.  I was much more nervous and afraid of hurting him, even though I was shown how to give the injection into the scruff of his neck.  He continued to live a good life with his injections; sometimes it was painful for him as his neck became a pin cushion and I tried to remember exactly where I had not put a needle recently.  He attended the vets for regular check ups and was a great favourite with his nurse, Kerry. 

Ozzie then became quite ill and lost weight.  It was decided to keep him in the vets so he could go on a drip and they could give him insulin more regularly.  I visited him each evening after work, and it was lovely to see him, but heart breaking because he wanted to get on my shoulders but couldn't because of the tubes he was attached to.  Then one morning I got the call from the vets I was dreading when they had come to do his insulin that morning he was much worse.  The vet did not want to continue any longer.  I rushed to the surgery to be with Ozzie, and there was not a dry eye in that surgery that morning as everyone had come to love him. 

To this day, he is remembered and in particular Kerry will often speak of him when I am at the surgery, and she still refers to him as "a lovely special cat".

Ozzie will always be remembered in lots of people’s hearts, and certainly he lives on in mine.

Love to all, 

Sue Fallon 


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A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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