Napping on a Sunbeam


Napping on a Sunbeam conjures up a lovely picture of warmth and tranquillity. Just the place for a dearly beloved feline friend to spend their days once they’ve left their earthly home and family. with the death of our feline friends can be a traumatic experience, an experience that some never get over and they resolve never to get another cat. Others have to rush out the very next day to bring home a new cat – not to replace the one who has just passed away, but to them, their home feels empty without a feline presence.

For some, the grieving experience may be short, and for others, it may take a longer time. Rest assured that grief, like grieving for a human companion, will work itself out and the stages that we each go through on that journey will vary from person to person, depending on personality and character. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. You may cry inconsolably for many months, you may cry for a few minutes – it doesn’t mean you didn’t love your pet if you don’t cry at all – we all grieve in our own way.

These pages are to remember the feline companions who graced our lives and enriched them with their presence, and for whom our lives are the emptier by their absence – yet Heaven is the richer for their presence.

You can add your sentiments by contacting the Mews Team (see ‘Contact Us’ or the feedback form) and the memories of your feline friend will live on forever - on these pages. 

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Title Published Date Author
Snookie: March 2005 - May 2006 17 September 2006 Written by Trudi Rosie
Homer 30 August 2006 Written by Rev Marian Hale
Habits for Tabitha: 8-04- 1997 - 17-08-2006 17 August 2006 Written by Genine Hanns
Jake's Kitties: June 2006 30 June 2006 Written by Christine Davis
Soft Whisper: a tribute to Brandi - 2006 30 June 2006 Written by Lanie Blackmon
Garfield - 27-03-1986 - 12-06-2006 12 June 2006 Written by Pauline Dewberry
Belle: 02-06-2005 - 11-2005 14 April 2006 Written by Carol Little
Tuffy: my tough little girl 08 February 2006 Written by Ed Kostro
Nina - a once in a lifetime cat 03 February 2006 Written by Heather McBain
Tigger the tough guy: 14 December 2005 15 December 2005 Written by Laura Dumm
Elsie - just another disposable cat : 11 November 2005 11 November 2005 Written by Laura Dumm
In Memory of our Princess Gabby: 1987 - 2005 01 October 2005 Written by Ed Kostro
Divot : July 2007 17 July 2005 Written by Margy Ohring
Biggles Dewberry: 27-03-86 - 10-05-97 10 May 2005 Written by Pauline Dewberry
Beezer's top 10 reasons not to feel guilty 01 May 2005 Written by Doug Koktavy
China, the good little cat : 1987 - 2005 27 March 2005 Written by Laura Dumm
Mr Stripey 23 February 2005 Written by Jared Kline
God has Fur! 01 January 2004 Written by Stehanie Sorrell
Eddie Valentino - a life remembered: 1986 - 05-07-2003 05 July 2003 Written by Paul S Gifford
Charlie Dewberry: 10-09-1993 – 28-06-2003 30 June 2003 Written by Pauline Dewberry

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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