Oh, People, Gibbs and I had a terrible experience the other day.  We had to go to The Vet.  You know the place of smells and as it had been raining the place smelled of soggy doggies.   I have to own up and say I had done a very bad smell in the car which Mum with her Radar Nose was alerted to.  It turned out that my bottom had had a minor expulsion – and there was a nice big poo, quite delicately fashioned into a nice mound in the corner of my basket.  Gibbs just did a wee in his basket, which was brand new and had only arrived two days earlier.

There was a basket with 7 little gingery puppies in and Mum went all googly over them.  I had to grudgingly admit the little chaps were quite cute but I wouldn’t want one of my own. I’ve got Mum and Gibbs to take care of, and Dad when he pops over.  I don’t think I could muster enough energy to bring up a puppy as well.  It’s hard work being a carer you know.  We try our best to bring you humans up to scratch so that you’re fit to go out into the world and earn your keep.

However, I digress.  We were called into a room and a rather nice looking man called Brendan picked me up out of my basket and gave me a cuddle.  For some reason, I found this quite thrilling and I didn’t even try to get down, much to Mum’s surprise. If she tries to pick me up, after a second I tell her in no uncertain terms, that I have to be on terra firma.  Five feet up in the air gives me vertigo and any cat will tell you – if you humans would only listen – that we do not like being scooped up and danced around the room.  Sofas, are a bit different.  They’re lower down so yes, we will concede to sit on your laps if we want to, but on our terms you understand.  Not yours.

Brendan listened to my heart, looked in my mouth, ears, and pressed around my tummy and said I was a lovely boy.  I took to him immediately.  Well, you would, wouldn’t you with high praise like that coming from his mouth and his Spanish accent made it all sound so much more complimentary. I was given an injection and allowed to sit on the other table.  Then it was Gibbs turn.  Gibbs melted like butter in Brendan’s confident and competent hands and he gave Gibbs the once over.  He told Gibbs he was a very handsome boy too and Gibbs licked him.  Mum and Dad were standing looking at both of us as if aliens had taken over our minds.

He kindly took the poo out of my basket and then we were both given wormers and some flea treatment.  We both fell asleep on the way home – the silver tongued compliments going to our heads. When we got home we both went in the garden to lie on the chairs that Dad left behind from the day of the legs’ lunch.

Casey and Gibbs Although we didn’t like going in the car and being put into a carrying basket always makes my bottom do weird things that I can’t seem to control, the whole experience wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be.  I don’t think we’ll mind going back to see Brendan again – as long as he tells us what handsome chaps we are.

Till the next time,

Casey xx





One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)